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Aereo Television - What Is It?                                Aereo Videos

Chet Kanojia the Founder and CEO combined television and the Internet to create new technology.  The new technology is called Aereo TV.

Aereo TV is freedom television at an affordable price.  Aereo TV has revolutionized the way people watch television.

Aereo's new technology allows you to watch live television not only on a television set but on mobile devices too.  Watch live streaming television when you want to.  Watch TV on a desktop, laptop, iPad, iPod and iPhone.

There is no need to by new equipment, nothing to install, no downloads, no wires and that means no clutter.

Aereo has hundreds of thousands of miniature antennas on buildings and each time you sign into or tune into Aereo, you are assigned an antenna so their is no need for you to buy or install one.

Visit Aereo.com, create a free account, choose a package plan that fits your lifestyle and each time you sign in you can watch live broadcast television.

You can buy the Aereo service on a monthly basis at $8.00 a month that includes 20-hours of a remote DVR or $12.00 a month that includes 40-hours of a remote DVR.  You can also buy the Aereo service for $80.00 a year too.  Aereo does not require you to sign a contract to watch television.

It's easy to upgrade or downgrade.  All you do is sign into your Aereo account, make the change and the change takes effect immediately.  Aereo TV is freedom TV.

Aereo TV is compatible with a PC or Mac.

Compatible browsers:

Firefox 11.0 or better, Chrome latest version, Safari 5.0 or better, Opera 12.0 or better, Internet Explorer 9 or better.  If you do not see your browser listed, Aereo welcomes you to write to them so they can add more to their list.

Of course you can watch live TV on a computer of mobile device but if you want to watch TV on a television set, you will need to buy either an Apple TV via Airplay or buy a Roku 3.0 or better.  There is no additional monthly charges but to watch Aereo television on a TV set you do need to connect a television compatible device.  It only takes about ten minutes to hook up a device to view Aereo TV on a TV set and the set up instructions are very easy to follow.

No antenna needed.  Each time you want to watch live television on a computer or mobile device, all you have to do is sign into your Aereo account, browse the TV guide, choose a channel then click watch.  Follow the same steps to record a show to watch later.  Sounds simple?  Well, it is simple.

If you decided to connect a television compatible device to watch Aereo on a TV set, each time you tune into Aereo, Aereo receives a message and assigns you an antenna to receive reception to watch live broadcast TV.

You can authorize up to five devices per one Aereo account and add up to five Rokus per one Aereo account.

Cable continues to raise their prices just to watch TV.  Paying a hundred dollars or more just to watch television is unfair.  The cable companies and the television networks want people to think that they have to pay a hefty price to watch their favorite TV shows.

TV talk has been a hot topic for me.  I've made the switch to Aereo TV and now I watch TV anywhere, anytime and I save hundreds of dollars a year.  There was an adjustment to be had but it was worth taking the time to learn a new way of watching television and buying the Roku, I now have access to thousands of free television entertainment channels and movies.

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